Senior Network Administrator

A senior network administrator is a person who is responsible for the setting up and maintenance of a large network for a company. A senior network administrator would usually be a network administrator who has considerable experience in the networking field and who would have worked on large networks as an administrator.  A senior network administrator resume must highlight the persons work experience and qualifications that make him the right choice for the job.

When drafting a senior network administrator resume, one must highlight the persons experience, educational qualifications, technical expertise, certifications and achievements.

Here we have a sample senior network administrator resume that has been drafted by a professional resume writer, this sample resume has highlighted the persons technical skills and abilities to work on large networks. You can use this sample resume as a reference or you can download this resume sample and customize it to suit your needs, either ways this sample resume for a senior network administrator has been written to give your career a boost and to help you stay ahead of the competition when applying for a job.

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