Certified Nurse Assistant

A CNA or a certified nursing assistant is a medical professional who works under the supervision and guidance of a RN(registered nurse) and who is responsible for assisting patients with their health care and medical needs. A CNA or a nursing assistant can find a job either in a medical center, clinic or a hospital, they can also find opportunities working for private patients, adult day care centers or personal homes.

The career of a certified nurse assistant is a lucrative and promising field with many students opting for a career in this field. This field can also act as a stepping stone for professionals who would want to further their career as a nurse, as they can get a great deal of exposure and experience as a CNA that would help them with their career as a nurse.

If you are planning on applying for the job, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is to get hold of a great certified nurse assistant resume sample that will help catapult your budding career into the mainstream. A well drafted and professional looking profile can do wonders for your career and help you get noticed by employers. Getting a job as a CNA can be a tough task as hospitals and medical facilities want to ensure that they hire the best candidate for the job, a professional and well formatted nurse assistant resume will ensure that you create a great first impression on the recruiters thus increasing the chance of you landing a job.

When drafting a certified nurse assistant resume, one needs to ensure that you have a great sample resume to refer to. Having a well drafted and professional template to refer to will ensure that you do not have to spend too much of effort in building your profile from scratch, as the format has already been created by a professional writer.

A great and impressive resume for a certified nurse assistant  will not only help you highlight your clinical skills, experience and expertise, it also helps you to highlight your career achievements and your abilities and potential as a professional.

Here we have a few  resume formats that have been professionally written, specifically targeting the skills and criteria that an employer or a hospital administrator would look for in a candidate. These sample resumes can be customized to suit your requirements or can be used as a reference while creating your own resume. These samples that have been given here will help you give yourself an impressive and eye catching nurse resume that will help you stand out amongst the other job applicants and get you noticed by a recruiter when you apply for the job. These formats will give your career the required boost in the right direction and take you closer to your dream of becoming a nursing assistant in a reputed hospital or a medical center. You can give your certified nurse assistantprofile the leverage it needs by referring to our samples and make professional profile that employers would find irresistible. Learn how to graft a killer resume here.

Refer to the sample resumes given below:

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