Emergency Room Nurse

An emergency room nurse is a nursing professional employed with the emergency room of a hospital or medical center. The emergency room nurse plays a very vital role in a hospital as he or she is responsible for stabilizing the condition of the patient and providing immediate care and support to the patient within the first crucial period of a life threatening emergency. Candidates seeking the job need to ensure that they have a powerful emergency room nurse resume that will help them get noticed by recruiters and help them get a job.

Job Description: Emergency room nurse is primarily responsible for caring for patients who are brought into the emergency room. The nurse is required to assess the condition of the patient and provide immediate medical intervention to stabilize the condition of the patient who may be suffering due to an acute illness, trauma or any other life threatening medical condition.

Skill Requirements: The ER nurse is required to have thorough medical knowledge, knowledge of emergency procedures, must be able to make quick and accurate medical assessments of the patient’s condition, should be able to work long hours, should be able to work under pressure situations.


Educational Requirements: ER Nurse is a skilled nursing professional who is required to have thorough knowledge of nursing and medical conditions, the professional is required to hold a bachelors degree in nursing or a diploma in nursing to be eligible for the job. The emergency nurse is usually a RN nurse who has undergone a specialized training course that makes him or her eligible for the post. The nurse is also required to undergo a certification to be able to practice in an emergency room. Candidates having a postgraduate degree or a Phd in nursing would have an added advantage and will also see better growth prospects in their career.

When drafting an emergency room nurse resume, one must focus on the candidates skills, experience both as a nurse and as an emergency room nurse and the nurses education. A well drafted resume will be able to take these skills and qualities of the nurse and transform them into a profile that is appealing and eye catching and will impress employers.

Here we have a few sample resume for you that you can refer to. These sample emergency room nurse resumes have been drafted by professional resume writers and highlight the candidate’s core skills and expertise that enable them to be a prime candidate for the job. You can use these samples as a reference when drafting your resume and create a profile that not only makes you stand out amongst the other job seekers, but will help improve your chances of getting a job in an emergency room.

Browse through the sample resumes given below:

Emergency Room Nurse Resume Sample 1

Emergency Room Nurse Resume Sample 2

Emergency Room Nurse Resume Sample 3

Emergency Room Nurse Resume Sample 4

Emergency Room Nurse Resume Sample 5

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