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A LPN or licensed practical nurse is a nursing professional who is required to care for patients in a hospital, medical center or care for patients as a private nurse. The LPN is both a very demanding and taxing job as well as being a very high paying job that is fast turning out to be a very lucrative career opportunity, however this job requires special skills, candidates applying for a job as a licensed practical nurse may find it difficult to get a good job without the aid of a professional LPN nurse resume. A well written LPN nurse resume will not only help you highlight your skills and expertise as a nurse but also create a good impression on the employer.

Job description: The primary responsibility of the LPN  is to care for patients, record the patient’s vital signs like blood pressure, respiration, pulse and heart rate, and check the patient’s temperature along with administering medicines and injections. They are also required to carry out functions like apply dressing, administer enema, bathe the patients, and provide a report of the patient’s health and recovery to the physician against the medical plan laid down for the patient.

Skill requirements: The skills required for the job include that the candidate be good at communication, have organizational skills, must be hard working, should be willing to work extended hours, must have sound knowledge of health care related issues and medical issues, should be having a sound knowledge of the various medicines being administered, along with being compassionate and a good care giver.

Educational Requirements: The job requires that a nurse complete a 1 year vocational program offered in a vocational nursing school or a community college offering nursing programs. The nurse is required to complete the training which includes practical and classroom training. Having an additional degree, diploma or a post graduate degree will not only greatly improve the LPN chances of getting a good job with a reputed hospital, it also would help the nurse advance in his or her career.


When drafting a LPN nurse resume, one needs to ensure that the resume highlights the candidate’s skills, educational qualifications and experience as a nurse. Getting a LPN nurse job can be tough due to the high competition that job seekers face when they send in their job applications and a well drafted resume can do wonders for ones career.

In this section we have provided you with a few sample LPN nurse resume that you can refer to while creating your resume for a nursing job. These samples have been written keeping in mind the nursing skills and qualifications that a candidate would need to secure a good job as an LPN, you can refer to these resumes and give your career a boost and stay ahead of the competition the next time you apply for the job.

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