School Nurse

A school nurse is a nurse who is associated with a school, college or educational institution and is responsible for caring for and the medical well being of the students. A school nurse is also required to work in close coordination with the local health centers to ensure that the school students and faculty are made aware about health problems, proper hygiene etc.

A school nurse resume must focus on these points that and must focus on the key skills and expertise of a school nurse.

When drafting a school nurse resume, one must focus or highlight the nurses educational qualifications, experience and expertise.

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Here we have a few sample school nurse resume templates that have been written by a professional resume writer and which focus on the school nurses experience and expertise in nursing. These sample school nurse resumes are meant to give your school nurse career a head start over the competition and help your resume get a professional touch. You can download these sample resumes of use them as a reference to give your career a boost.

Some Common Formats for School Nurse Resume are given below:

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