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A network engineer is an information technology professional who specializes in computer hardware and network layout. A network engineer student is someone who is planning on pursuing a career in this field and has completed his or her education and training and is now set to kick start his career. One of the basic requirements that a network engineer student needs to adhere to is have a well written network engineering student resume in place that will help the candidate get one step closer to landing a dream job. A well written resume for a network engineering student should have the capabilities of not only highlighting the candidates skills and qualifications of the candidate but should also help identify and focus on other qualities of the person that will help make the candidate a perfect fit for the job. Here we take a look at a few resume tips and basic information about the job that will help a fresher networking engineer create a well optimized resume that can help catch the eye of employers and improve the person’s chances of landing a job.

Job Description:  A network engineer student is hired either at an entry level position or as an intern who works under the supervision of a senior employee. Depending on the size of the organization, the professional may be required to work on the organizational level or can be assigned to manage the network of a particular department or branch. The roles and responsibilities of the position include,  managing the organizations or departments network, troubleshooting network related issues, ensuring minimum downtime, managing and maintaining network servers and equipment like routers, switches, hubs and networking cables,  installing and maintaining server and network client software’s, managing network antivirus protection, creating and managing user accounts for network access, monitoring the performance and usage of the network,  undertaking regular maintenance of the network and servers etc.

Skills Requirement: the candidates interested in the job need to ensure that they have a few basic skills that make them eligible for the role of a network engineer student. These skills include technical skills like in depth knowledge of network architecture, networking design, knowledge of servers and complex technical equipment like routers, switches etc, along with these technical skills the candidate must also have great communication skills, should be able to work in high pressure environment, should be dedicated and hard working.

Educational Requirements: A candidate needs to have undergone a specialized training that makes him or her a subject matter expert, having a certification in networking like a MSCE( Microsoft certified systems Engineer), MCSA( Microsoft certified systems administrator) or CCNA ( Cisco certified network associate) is an added advantage that will help the candidate stand out amongst the competition.


When drafting a resume for the post of a networking student one needs to ensure that the candidate’s educational qualifications and training are highlighted along with the person’s key skills, this will help create a profile that focuses on the persons academics and downplays the lack of experience.

Here we have a sample network engineer resume that will help aspiring candidates give their budding career a kick start and will help create an effective profile that is optimized to catch the eyes of an employer. You can refer to the sample resumes given here and customize or edit them to suit your profile and needs. These sample resumes will help you stand out among the competition and help you get a dream job.

Browse through the sample resumes given below:

Sample Resume 1

Sample Resume 2

Sample Resume 3

Sample Resume 4

Sample Resume 5

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