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An Accounting Manager Resume should be action oriented and should convince the future employer that you are a deserving candidate with all the required skills and qualities that a company desires for the post of an accounting manager. An accounting managers position is a very vital post in the organization, as the candidate not only is responsible for managing a team of employees, he or she is also responsible for the smooth functioning of the department. A suitable candidate for the post must not only have great accounting experience and expertise, bust must also have vital skills as a good manager. When drafting your resume for a job application, you need to ensure that your profile highlights not just your knowledge and experience, but also showcases your career achievements and accomplishments, like savings that you have been able to achieve due to various measures you have put in place, streamlining of accounting processes etc. Highlighting these points will leverage your profile and help you create an accounting manager resume that employers will find appealing, leveraging your chances of getting a job with a reputed organization.

The Accounting manager resume should demonstrate your skills and qualification in such a way that you endeavor to make the employer understand that you have potential to be a great candidate for the job.

You can follow these tips on how to write a great resume for your profile:

  • While writing a resume, one should start with the candidate’s personal details including name, resident address, contact number and mailing address. This should be placed at the top of the page, below the header section. This will help the employer to contact you for an interview call.
  • Next you must emphasize on the work profile in the accounting manager resume, this enables the reader to know about the candidates specific work experience and expertise in accounting field.
  • Your special achievements are very important, and one should include figures related to the amount of money you have saved in a company, the amount by which you have improved on the cash flow and how you have managed team members in following the given work and so on. Your accountant resume example should make the future employer aware that how they can benefit from having you work for them.
  • The qualification and experience section is very important as it gives the recruiter an in-depth view of the candidate’s knowledge in the accounting domain. When drafting an accounting manager resume format, you should write your work experience in bullet form and highlight the names of companies you have worked with as some of the companies are highly reputed and well known.
  • Your academic performance is an important section of your resume and. you should give a brief about your educational qualification in a chronological order. Skills such as ability to think, strong businessmen and computer knowledge skills need to be highlighted in your accounting manager resume.

Here we have a few accounting manager resume samples that job seekers can refer to while creating a professional profile that will have the ability of catching the eyes of employers and will help create a great impression on the reader. These resume examples have been written to help you stay ahead of the competition and at the same time give your accounting career a boost. You can refer to these resumes for accounting manager and use them as a guideline when drafting your profile, ensuring that your profile has a professional touch and an edge over the competition.

Browse through the sample resumes given below:

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