Audit Manager

One of the most important positions in an accounts department of an organization is that of the audit manager. An audit manager is an accounting professional who carries the responsibility of managing the audit department or team of audit accountants. The professional is responsible for overlooking the companies audit structure and plan, analyze, evaluate and provide inputs on the organizations budget, evaluate departmental budget allocation and utilization, follow GAAP standards of audit and review of accounting procedures and providing management with insights on the findings. The professional is also required to look into control issues and liaison with external auditors. Getting a job as an audit manager can be very tough if you do not have a well written audit manager resume that helps highlight your skills and expertise as a good audit manager.

A well drafted audit manager resume is the best marketing tool that a candidate has with him that can help market the candidates profile and skills to an employer. Just like a marketing communication, the professional summary must be attractive, professional and should highlight skills that employers would like to see in a deserving candidate. This particular career option is very competitive with many applicants applying for the same position, not having a professional profile cannot just be a disadvantage to your career, but can be the reason why you would be overlooked in favor for someone who has a professional looking profile.

When creating your audit manager resume, one can optimize the document by following these tips.

  • Header: Many candidates fail to add a header to their template, a header helps grab attention instantly, telling the reader what your profile is all about.
  • Objective statement:- an objective statement should be a few sentences long and must include your skills, experience, the job you are interested . A objective statement should be unique and should be precise and short.
  • Professional experience: this is one of the most important sections of your audit manager resume, this section can be used to highlight the candidates expertise as an auditor and a manager. In the experience section you should include previously held jobs, highlighting relevant experience in accountancy and auditing. Focus should be on career achievements, roles and responsibilities held, accomplishments etc. This will help you create a profile that shows you as an experienced subject matter expert in the field of auditing.
  • Education: This section is just as important as your experience, here you can highlight your academic performance, degrees, diplomas that make you a knowledgeable auditor, workshops, trainings, certifications, examinations etc, that help you build on your expertise as an auditor.


You can refer to the sample audit manager resume that have been provided below, these sample resume will help you get a quick start in your effort to create a professional profile that is both effective and impressive.  You can boost your job application and get a head start over the competition by using this samples given here as a guideline while writing your professional summary and get noticed by recruiting staff and managers.

Refer to the Sample Resumes Given Below:

Sample Resume 1

Sample Resume 2

Sample Resume 3

Sample Resume 4

Sample Resume 5

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