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Applying for the job of a chartered accountant (CA) is not easy and one needs a perfect chartered accountant resume to ensure that you can land a interview call for the job. A Chartered accountant is a highly skilled professional who has undergone specialized training on the various practices, techniques and nuances of accountancy and who has been approved by the association of chartered accountants to practice accountancy. A CA plays a very important role in the formation and functioning of an organization and is also responsible for carrying out various accountancy roles like providing advice on financial matters, maximizing profitability of the organization, carrying out internal audits etc. A chartered accountant is a professional who is much sought after and this job is not only a very lucrative and high paying job, but also is a very satisfying job as well. Many students and professional from the accountancy field look at the  job as a great career option, thus increasing the competition when one wants to apply for the job.

One of the first steps that a candidate needs to take is get a great chartered accountant sample resume that one can refer to while preparing his or her resume. A great resume can be a big advantage for job seekers as it not only highlights the candidate’s experience, but also leverages the skills and finer aspects of the candidate’s profile, thus portraying the candidate as the right choice for the job.

When drafting a chartered accountant resume, one needs to ensure that certain aspects of the candidates profile get highlighted. These include the candidates experience as an accountant; knowledge and training that make him or her a subject matter expert, licenses and certifications etc. Here we look at a few important tips that can transform your resume into a winning one.

Tips for writing a chartered accountant resume:

Writing a great resume does not require that you follow a set format or pattern, a great resume must highlight your key skills and qualities that employers would like a perfect candidate to have. When drafting a chartered accountant resume a few points that need added focus are:

  • Resume title:- A strong and catchy resume title is the first thing that will help your resume to be unique, many candidates fail to capitalize on a resume title, thus getting lost amongst the hundreds of other job seekers who apply for a job. A resume title in the header section of your resume, shouts out loud that you are a candidate who needs to be considered for the job.
  • Objective statement/summary:- an objective statement or resume summary summarizes your skills, qualities and experience that you have. It also helps employers get a glimpse of your profile by just reading through a few sentences. A well written objective or resume summary can leverage your skills and ensure that you get noticed.
  • Professional achievements:- achievements should be included in your resume work experience section. Your achievements should include improved profitability achieved for an organization, reduction in costs and expenses, streamlining of the accountancy processes, money saved in taxes etc. This shows an employer’s the benefits that you can bring to the organization if you get the job.
  • Customized profile: your resume must act like a marketing brochure that has the ability to sell or market your skills and expertise to would be employers. For your resume to be effective it must mirror the needs of the employer. Your resume should be customized to cover the needs of job you are applying for.

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Following these simple tips will ensure that you have a great chartered accountant resume that will out shine other job applications. Here we have a sample of chartered accountant resume that you can refer to while creating your profile. This sample resume will help you create a great first impression on an employer and will help you get a clear idea on how to write a great resume.

Refer to these Chartered Accountant Sample Resumes given below:

Chartered Accountant Resume Sample 1

Chartered Accountant Resume Sample 2

Chartered Accountant Resume Sample 3

Chartered Accountant Resume Sample 4

Chartered Accountant Resume Sample 5

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