Forensic Accountant

A forensic accountant is a highly skilled and specialized accounting professional who combines both accounting with legal investigative knowledge. The primary function of this professional is to help identify, investigate and prevent fraudulent activities and other activities like financial fraud, embezzlement etc. If you want to apply for the post of a forensic accountant, you need a forensic accountant resume that can highlight you legal knowledge, you accounting knowledge and skills like investigative skills, eye for detail etc.

There is a growing demand for this profession in today’s corporate sector due to the ever increasing numbers of white collar crimes and frauds that are being committed by employees of organizations. A forensic accountant is required to have an in-depth knowledge of criminal law, networks, techniques used to uncover frauds, unmatched analytical and evalutory skills, along with great accounting skills. A forensic accountant may also be called as a forensic auditor or an investigative auditor and is usually a part of a specialized accounts team or department that is specialized in this stream of accountancy.

When drafting a forensic accountant resume, one needs to pay special attention to the candidate’s skills, knowledge of criminal law, investigative prowess and acumen as an accountant. As this job is different from a regular accountant’s role, the resume for the position needs to be optimized to suit the profile, using a regular accounting resume will only lead to a disastrous effect on your career prospects.

While drafting a forensic accountant resume, one must first ensure that

  • The resume has a catchy resume header that will immediately draw the attention of a recruiter or accounting manager to your profile
  • The objective statement is strong and has the ability to grab a reader’s attention and should summaries your skills and experience in a few sentences.
  • The work experience gives details about various roles and responsibilities held with each job, organizations with whom you were associated, dates that you joined and left the organization and our achievements in the role.
  • The education section of the profile is very important as here you need to mention your qualifications in law and accounting, your degrees, diplomas, trainings, certifications, workshops attended etc.

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Here we have a well drafted and professional forensic accountant resume that you can refer to if you choose to create your own resume. This sample resume will help you optimize your profile to fit the job description and help highlight your potential and skills as a great investigative auditor. You can use this sample resume give yourself a professional looking profile that will greatly improve your chances of landing a dream job.

Feel free to refer to these sample resumes given below

Forensic Accountant Sample Resume 1

Forensic Accountant Sample Resume 2

Forensic Accountant Sample Resume 3

Forensic Accountant Sample Resume 4

Forensic Accountant Sample Resume 5

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