Senior Accountant

A senior accountant is an accounting professional with vast experience in the field of finance and accountancy. A senior accountant’s job is a high paying job and there is very high competition in the market when it comes to applying for the position. If you are planning on applying for the post you need a great senior accountant resume that helps highlight your experience and expertise in accountancy that will help you get a job.

A senior accountant usually would have a team of junior accountants reporting in to him or her and is required to carry out various other responsibilities in the organization other than the accounting responsibilities entrusted on the candidate. A senior accountant’s job involves managing the financial transactions of the organization, keeping record of these transactions, managing and maintaining the organizations books of accounts, managing account ledgers and ensuring accuracy of data in these books. The senior accountant may also have the additional responsibility of handling an entire accounts department or a particular branch of the organizations accounts department.

When drafting a senior accountant resume, one needs to be very clear as to the candidates roles and responsibilities and should highlight the skills, qualities, experience and expertise in accountancy as well as focus on the other roles and responsibilities like administrative responsibilities or people management skills of the candidate.

A senior accountant resume must be different from a more conventional accountant resume as it should highlight the candidate’s abilities to take on addition responsibilities, the candidate’s maturity and also focus on the candidate’s ability to strategize and optimize various processes to the benefit of the organization. A good resume should also highlight the candidates educational qualifications, his or her degrees, certifications etc as this plays a  very vital role in creating the senior accountants profile. Companies usually look for candidates who have a post graduate degree in finance or accountancy for the post and highlighting your education can be an added advantage in staying ahead of the competition when you apply for the job.

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Another important aspect of the senior accountant resume that needs attention is the work experience, a candidate should highlight the roles and responsibilities held with each job, career accomplishments and achievements like increased profit margins, reduction in costs by optimizing existing processes etc. This would help an employer see the benefits of having you work for him or the organization.

Here we take a look at a few senior accountant sample resume that have been drafted keeping in mind the key skills and qualities that employers look for in a candidate for the position of a senior accountant. This sample resume will help you create an eye catching an impressive resume that will greatly improve your visibility among recruiting staff and improve your chances of landing a job.  You can use this senior accountant sample resume as a guide to create a professional looking resume that will help showcase your career achievements, experience and qualification in a way that would employers find appealing.

Browse through these examples of Senior Accountant Sample Resume given here:

Senior Accountant Sample Resume 1

Senior Accountant Sample Resume 2

Senior Accountant Sample Resume 3

Senior Accountant Sample Resume 4

Senior Accountant Sample Resume 5

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