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An auto insurance agent or an automobile insurance agent is an insurance professional who sells insurance covers and policies to automobile owners. An auto insurance agent can earn a good salary if he or she is good at the job, getting a job in this field requires that candidates first have a good auto insurance resume that will help highlight the candidates skills and expertise and get his profile noticed by recruiting staff and employers. The insurance sector has seen remarkable growth in the last few years, this has fueled a steady demand for skilled sales representatives who can sell the insurance companies products to its customers. Having a well drafted resume for an auto insurance agent profile can do wonders to the candidates profile and help the person get a job with a leading organization. Here we take a look at few important details that will help you better understand the job and its requirements, we have also provided you with a few sample resumes that you can refer to below.

Job Description: The primary responsibility of the auto insurance agent is to sell automobile insurance policies and cover to auto owners, companies, fleet owners etc. The professional is required to meet with customers, understand their insurance needs, and explain in detail various products that the company offers. The person is also required to carry out various administrative tasks like documentation, preparing sales reports etc. They are required to calculate the insurance premium for the client, assist clients with the reimbursement and claim process, or providing assistance in having the insurance claim processed and ensuring that the customer is paid the amount.

Skill Requirements: The candidate needs to ensure that he or she has the basic skills that are required for the job, this includes good communication, hard working, efficient, self motivated, goal or target oriented, sound knowledge of insurance products, good customer service skills, ability to generate leads, good computer skills etc.

Educational Requirements: Candidates who wish to apply for the job can be eligible fo the position if they hold a high school diploma, while most employers prefer high school graduates, a few may look for college graduates or a candidate who has an associate degree. Having an associate degree or a college degree will definitely be an added advantage that will help the candidate in the future. Other than the educational requirements the auto insurance agent is required to obtain a license that allows professional to sell insurance products and covers in a particular state, candidates need to complete a pre-license course in order to be eligible for the license.


In this section we have a few sample auto insurance agent resumes that you can refer to when creating your profile. These sample resumes have been created keeping in mind the key skills, qualities and attributes that an employer would like to see in a candidate. Having these skills highlighted on your resume will greatly improve your chances of landing a dream job and also help you stay ahead of the competition.  Refer to the sample resumes given here and give your career a boost.

Browse through the resume samples given below:

Sample Resume 1

Sample Resume 2

Sample Resume 3

Sample Resume 4

Sample Resume 5

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