The insurance sector is a fast moving industry that has seen tremendous growth in the last few decades. This growth has spurred many job openings and opportunities for professionals who have the calibre and the skills that are required for the job. In order for candidates to be successful in getting a suitable job, they need to be well equipped with a great insurance resume that not only highlights their skills and knowledge, but creates a favourable profile that employers would find appealing and which helps the candidate highlight various aspects of his or her profile like the experience, skills, expertise, knowledge and achievements.

An Insurance resume is the most powerful marketing tool that job seekers looking for a job in the insurance sector have at their disposal, and since many of the insurance sector jobs are related to sales and marketing, it becomes very critical that your insurance resume not only acts as a summary for your experience, expertise and a result oriented professional in the domain, but is a effective marketing communications tool that helps you market or sell your skills and experience to employers. A great resume can be the difference between you landing a job, and your profile being overlooked even though you have the skills and qualities that are required for the job.

When drafting an insurance resume, one can optimize the resume by following a few simple tips that will help articulate your professional potential in a way that will help you impress hiring managers.

  • Follow the standard resume writing rules, never have a resume that is more than two pages if you have a work experience of around 10 years, if you are a fresher a one page resume is sufficient.
  • Before you begin writing your resume, make sure that you have written down all the relevant points that you would like to add onto the profile, this will ensure that you do not miss out any key achievements.
  • Objective statement: A well written objective statement must summarize the candidate’s career goal, qualifications and skills. The objective must be precise and to the point, not more than 2-3 sentences.
  • Accomplishments: When drafting your insurance resume, focusing on work experience and career accomplishments is very important as they help you showcase your potential and expertise to employers. It is recommended that one list accomplishments for each job. Accomplishments and achievements in previous jobs help employers see the benefits of hiring for the job.
  • Knowledge and education: A resume for a insurance position must highlight the candidates knowledge of the insurance sector and more specifically for the job. One must highlight the persons education, trainings, certifications, workshops attended etc.
  • Specializations: Insurance is a vast field, when drafting your resume; one must specify the specialization that one has acquired in the domain. Adding key skills that one has can make your resume specialists resume. The best way of ensuring that your specializations and skills are in line with what employers want is to refer to the job description.

Other than these points, it is very important that you have a insurance resume that is unique and which stands out from competitor job seekers. Adding points like how your performance fared in comparison with other co-workers, goals achieved and exceeded awards won etc will help you create a profile that is perfect for the job and which will help grab the attention of employers.

In this section we have a collection of sample resumes for various positions in the insurance sector. You can refer to our resumes while creating your insurance resume or can use these resumes to create a professional profile that will catapult your career to success.

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