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A health insurance agent is an insurance professional working for a company that provides its customers with health insurance covers and policies. The job of a health insurance agent is a well paying job and many freshers and professionals are considering this as a serious career option. The health insurance sector has been growing in leaps and bounds fuelling the demand for skilled insurance agents. People who wish to apply for the job can find it difficult as they face tough competition from others, the only way of ensuring that you get a good job is by equipping yourself with a killer health insurance agent resume that will help focus on your key skills as a sales agent and help you land a job. A well written and professional health insurance agent resume can get a great advantage and at times can be the only difference between rejection and an interview call for the candidate. Here we take a look at some important information regarding this profession, we also have a few sample resumes provided that will help you create a professional profile.

Job Description: The primary responsibility of a health insurance agent is to sell insurance covers and policies to customers.  The professional is required to contact the customer, understand the customers insurance cover requirements, provide the customer with various policies that best suit the customers requirement and then help the customer choose the best possible option.  A health insurance agent may be specializing in one particular field or may sell insurance policies that cover a wide range of sicknesses and illness.

Skills Requirement: Candidates who are interested in applying for the job need to ensure that they have the skills that are required. The key skills that the person must have is an in-depth knowledge of health insurance products, good analytical skills, good sales skills, good oral and written communication skills, confidence, goal oriented, self motivated, positive and good organizational skills.

Educational Requirements: Candidates interested in the job are not required to have specific qualifications. Many employers hire people who have a high school diploma, a few companies seek candidates who have a graduates degree or a associate degree in any stream.  Having a degree or a college diploma would definitely be an added advantage when applying for the job and will also help the candidate later on in growing within the organization. Additionally a vocational training or a certification in the insurance domain or a relevant field is also going to help improve ones chances of landing a job. Along with the educational qualifications, health insurance agents need to obtain a license from the state that allows them to sell insurance policies. The candidates may also be required to attend mandatory courses to be eligible for the job

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Here we have a few sample health insurance agent resumes that you can refer to when drafting your profile, these sample resumes highlight the key skills and qualities of the candidate that help make the candidates profile unique and will also help catch the attention of the employers. These skills and qualities are what employers would wish to see in a candidate’s profile. Give your career a boost by referring to these sample resumes and learn how to draft the perfect profile for your career.

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Sample Resume 1

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