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An insurance agent is a professional who works for an insurance company and is required to sell insurance products to customers. Insurance agents usually specialize in a particular type of insurance product like general insurance, health insurance or life insurance. The job of an insurance agent is a well paying job and candidates looking for a job can face stiff competition unless they have a great insurance agent resume that will help them stay ahead of the other job seekers and help them get a job. A well written insurance agent resume can greatly improve the candidates chances of getting a job by improving the candidates visibility when it comes to recruiting staff an employers, this can be done by optimizing the resume and focusing on keys skills and competencies that employers would like in a candidate. Here we take a look at some important facts about the job as well as a few sample resumes that you can refer to when creating a profile.

Job Description: The role of a insurance agent predominantly includes selling insurance covers and products to customers. However the agent is also required to keep a accurate record of products and covers sold, determine the needs of customers, contacting customers and informing them about various products, assisting customers register a claim and settle the claim, generating leads and doing follow-ups with prospective customers.

Skills Requirements: The primary skills that an agent needs to ensure that he or she is successful in the job include impeccable communication skills, good analytical skills, good convincing skills, patience, hard working, honest and good sales skills.

Educational Requirements: Candidates’ are not required to hold a graduate degree or a diploma, however having a college degree or diploma in marketing or business administration not only would be an added advantage for the candidate, it would help the person climb up the corporate ladder faster. However the candidate is required to obtain a license before he or she can become a insurance agent.

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When drafting an insurance agent resume on needs to give special importance to the skills section of the profile, highlighting the key skills that the candidate possesses and focusing on the one that are important for the job. One also need to highlight the candidates past experience as a sales man or an agent and highlight the key achievements and accomplishments of his or her career.

Here we take a look at a few sample resume for an insurance agents post, These sample resumes have been professionally written and focus on the skills and requirements for the job that an employer would like to see in a candidate when they short list [people for the job. You can refer to the sample resumes given here and learn how to create a competitive profile that help you stand out amongst the crowd and will help you get noticed by employers. These samples are sure to give your career the desired boost and help you land your dream job.

Refer to the sample resumes given here:

Sample Resume 1

Sample Resume 2

Sample Resume 3

Sample Resume 4

Sample Resume 5

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