Insurance Underwriter

An insurance underwriter is a professional working in an insurance company and who is responsible for verifying if an applicant is eligible for an insurance cover or not. The primary responsibility of an insurance underwriter is to assess the risk and likelihood of a claim by the customer by weighing in various factors based on information provided by the policy holder. The underwriter is responsible for ensuring that the risk factor for the company and related losses are minimal and that the company makes profits from the policies it sells. Getting a job as an insurance underwriter is not an easy task, and the first thing that job seekers need is a well drafter insurance underwriter resume that will help them get the job of their dreams.

A career as an insurance underwriter is a very bright and promising one, with many professionals looking at this career option. It is very important that one is equipped with a professional resume that highlights the right skills, knowledge in underwriting and career experience that makes the candidate the perfect choice for the job. When drafting an insurance underwriter resume, it is very important that the candidate highlight the underwriting experience and knowledge of the candidate. The resume must also focus on the candidates key skills in underwriting like ability to accurately verify information, accurately assess teh risk factors etc.Highlighting skills, knowledge and experience on a resume will help you draw the attention of the reader to these important points and will help you create a favorable impression on the employer.


Here we have a few professionally written insurance underwriter resumes that have been drafted keeping in mind the key skills, knowledge and qualities that an employers would like to see in a candidate when they are short listing applicants for a position. These sample resumes will help you create a unique resume that will help you shine out from amongst the competition, while it draws the attention of recruiting managers and staff to your profile. These samples can be the only difference between you getting a call for the interview and you being rejected. Refer to these sample resumes and give your insurance career a head start on the road to success.

Browse through these sample resumes given here:

Insurance Underwriter Resume Sample 1

Insurance Underwriter Resume Sample 2

Insurance Underwriter Resume Sample 3

Insurance Underwriter Resume Sample 4

Insurance Underwriter Resume Sample 5

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