Dental Assistant

A Dental assistant is person who assists the Dentist and helps the Dentist provide their patients with a more efficient and better treatment. the dental professional  is required to help out in the clinic by preparing the patients for the treatment, assisting the Dentist during the treatment by helping with equipment usage , taking x-rays of the patient, taking tooth impressions and even making crowns. In some states a dental assistant can be hired for the job without a degree or license, however some states require that the professional be registered and licensed.

The Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association is the agency that accredits and licenses dental assistants. To be a certified dental assistant, one must take the Dental Assistant National Board exam for Certified Dental Assistants, after the successful completion of the exam the professional can apply for a job as an assistant to the dentist.

Now days more and more graduates are drawn to the post of a dental assistant, You can obtain the required training to become an assistant and then get a job as a CDA.

While preparing a dental assistants resume one must keep a few points in mind, just having the right qualifications and certifications will not ensure that you get job you desired, you need a strong resume that stands out.

For a good dental assistant resume, one must have a good career objective, the career objective must be short, precise and clear, stating which position you are applying for and your goal.

You should also focus on your educational and academic qualifications, your knowledge of the field, skill that you possess and qualities that make you the right choice for the job. You should also mention your proficiency at using the computer as well as programs and operating systems that you are comfortable with, as the dental healthcare professional is required to have proficiency at using a computer.

You can also add your previous work experiences if you have any specifying on the roles and responsibilities that you held.

It is very important that you have a good reference section in your dental assistant resume that includes contact information of any previous employers.

We have listed some of the important points that you can add to make your resume stand out.

  • You should list down the administrative duties and practical work in the surgery.
  • List down how you can prepare for a dental surgery.
  • Skills at making patients feel comfortable
  • Maintain patient records and files.
  • Setting up appointments and sending reminders to patients for their follow up appointments.

Always remember that a neat and clear resume will help you get off to a good start with a potential employer.

In this section we have various dental assistant sample resume formats that you can choose from. These sample dental assistant resumes have been written by professionals and are meant to give you an added advantage and a professional edge to your resume. You can feel free to download these examples and modify them to suit your needs.

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