An architect is a professional who is a part of the construction industry and who is responsible for designing and conceptualizing new buildings and structures. The architect may also be required to make changes to the existing building layout or make modifications to the structures design. The job of an architect is a high paying job with many students and professional being drawn to this career. Candidates looking to build a career in architecture need a strong architect resume that will help focus on their designing skills and help them get a job.  A well written architect resume will not just help a candidate showcase his or her skills, it also allows candidates to focus on aspects of their career and their accomplishments that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. Here we take a look at a few important points regarding the job, this information will help candidates get a better understanding of the job and will also help them learn how to write a great resume.

Job Description:  The architect is responsible for creating the designs for a building or structure,  the person is responsible for meeting clients and understanding their needs in order to help create a design or concept that can then be turned into a building. Other than creating or modifying building designs, the person is also required to help clients select a construction site, coordinate with contractors to ensure that the construction goes on smoothly, construction meets required standards and norms set etc. The person is required to work closely with engineers, contractors, surveyors etc and ensure that they follow the designs that have been created.

Skills Requirement: The person who is interested in applying for the job of an architect needs to ensure that he or she meets the minimum skills requirement for the job, this job requires skills like good designing skills, good conceptualizing skills, good coordination skills, organizational skills, good computer skills, good negotiating skills, good project management skills etc.

Educational Requirements: candidate’s who want to pursue this career need to have a professional bachelor’s degree in architecture from a college or a university. Candidates can also peruse a master’s degree in architecture that will help them greatly in their career.


Here we take a look at a few Architect sample resumes that have been created by experienced and expert resume writers. These sample resumes have been created to focus or highlight the candidate’s key designing skills, organizational skills and knowledge of design and structures. You can refer to these samples when writing your professional profile and create a profile that will help impress employers and recruiters. Give your career a boost by using the resumes given here.

Refer to the sample resumes given here

Sample Resume 1

Sample Resume 2

Sample Resume 3

Sample Resume 4

Sample Resume 5

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