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The front-desk job is a critical role in a company. Generally, front-desk employees are the first person customers or clients speak to or interact with. Front-desk job descriptions can vary depending on the industry. Greeting and receiving guests and customer service are usually a common thread in all front-desk job descriptions. Some front-desk jobs, in a hotel for example, not only greet and assist customers, but also ensure the details of their stay are accurate.

A hotel front desk executive is an employee of the hotel, resort or a spa who manages the hotel front desk or reception counter and is responsible for interacting with customers who comes in to the establishment. The job of a front desk executive or agent can be a taxing job and one needs a great hotel front desk resume to help the candidate get a job with a good hotel or resort. The professional working at a front desk of a hotel may also be required to carry out various other tasks; however candidates need to know that this job is a very critical one and the professional plays a very vital role in the operations of the hotel as they are considered to be the face of the establishment. Here we look at a few details about the job and also look at a few sample resumes that have been created for your reference.

Job Description: The primary responsibility of a front desk executive is to cater to hotel guests who come in, greet the guests, direct guests to their rooms, respond to enquiries from customers, manage communication via telephone and fax. The professional is also required to cater to customer requests, complaints or look into specific requests from a customer like setting up appointments, making reservations, taking messages etc.

Skill Requirements: Candidates looking for a job as a front desk executive with a hotel need to have skills that include good communication skills, good customer service skills, should be able to work long hours, should be patient, friendly and willing to assist customers.

Educational requirements: Employers looking for people to work as front desk executives usually look for candidates who have at least completed their high school. Candidates with a graduate’s degree or an associate degree or who have completed a vocational training course can have an advantage when applying for the job.

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Here we have a few sample resumes for hotel front desk executive. These sample resumes have been created by professional writers and focus on the key skills and qualities that a candidate must have when applying for the job. You can refer to the resumes given here when drafting your resume and give your career in the hospitality industry a boost.

Browse through the sample resumes given here:

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Sample Resume 5

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