Hotel Receptionist

The hotel receptionist holds a very important position in the hotel as he or she is the person who interacts with the hotel guests the moment they enter the hotel. The receptionist usually works from a desk situated at the entrance of the hotel and is required to carry out various functions including billing, welcoming customers etc. Candidates who wish to take up this job as a career need a good hotel receptionist resume that will help them highlight the key skills and qualities that the candidates has in him or her that would make them a perfect fit for the job.  Here we take a look at information that would help you better understand the job requirements and will also help you write a great profile for the job.

Job Description: The receptionist is primarily responsible for manning the front desk or reception counter of the hotel. The responsibilities include taking care of the billing for customers, handling payments,  assisting customers with finding their rooms, providing the room keys to the customer,  helping guests check in, maintain a record of room reservations and bookings, answering phone calls, email and fax communication, taking down messages for guests, booking taxis or rental cars, making reservations for guests etc.

Skill Requirements: The candidates who wishes to apply for the job needs to ensure that he or she possesses the minimum skills required for the job, this includes having good customer service skills, good communication skills, good organizational skills, quick to respond, positive attitude, self motivated, good people skills and should have good computer skills and knowledge.

Educational Requirements: Candidates applying for the job need to have a high school diploma as their minimum education. Employers at times may require that the person have a graduate degree or an associate degree in the relevant field.

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Here we have a few hotel receptionist sample resumes that we have provided for your reference, These sample resumes have been professionally written and optimized so that they help you highlight the key skills and qualities that the candidate has and also helps create a profile that will catch the eyes of an employer. You can refer to the resume given here and learn how to write a profile that will not only help you stand out amongst the crowd, it will ensure that your job application reaches the desk of the recruiting manager and will help you land the job.

Browse through the sample resumes given here:

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