Resignation Letter

A resignation letter is just as important a document as your resume. A resignation letter is an official declaration to the company’s management that conveys your desire to resign from the position you hold. While writing down your letter of resignation it is important that your resignation notice be short, brief and to the point, but most important the letter must always sound positive. Professionals must always avoid negativity in the resignation letter as this helps avoid defamation or any legal and professional problems in the future. A positive  letter also insures that you keep the door of a company open for you if ever you would like to join back and would ensure that you would get a positive reference form your previous employer or boss in case you need it.

It is very important that you write your resignation letter in the correct manner. Your letter must specify the position you held, the duration that you served in the company and the reason for leaving the company. It must always sound positive even if you did not enjoy working with the organization. You should ensure that your resignation is tactful and that it diplomatically covers any reasons or areas that has lead to you quitting the organization.

How to write a resignation letter

A well written letter of resignation always ensures that you maintain a healthy relationship with your previous employers. It is very important that you have cordial relationship with your previous boss or employer as you never know when you may need them for a background check or reference for a job. Today’s professional world is a small space where you never know when you may bump into the other person, thus it becomes very important that you leave a company on the right note.

A resignation letter format may vary depending on the position you held and the circumstances under which you have decided to leave the organization. There are various styles of resignation formats that are available to you, however a letter must inform the employer the reason why you have decided to quit. You can follow these simple formats for a resignation letter that we have provided you that would help you come up with a short, simple and professional resignation letter.

A last piece of advice is that you should always review your resignation letter before you send it across.

Refer to the sample resignation letters given below.

Sample Resignation Letter


Lonnie Shearer

3742 Encino Drive

Phoenix, AZ 85044


July 19, 2011

Mr David

Phoenix Unified School District

4258 Silver Sand Road

Phoenix, AZ 85039


Dear Mr David:

I have spent <no of years> rewarding years with <company> in which I have certainly learned and grown a great deal. I believe that I have been able to contribute to a variety of  <situations> and I appreciate the opportunity<company> has given me. It is truly with much regret that I must extend my letter of resignation at this time.

Although the latest possible date for me to leave is <date>, I am more than willing to set up a consulting agreement to continue working in a part-time manner with <company>.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you and the entire staff for your support, understanding, patience, cooperation, and encouragement. I will always remember my time at <company> for the personal growth it afforded me and for the numerous friendships I made.



Lonnie Shearer



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