Hotel Sales Executive

A hotel sales executive is a sales professional who works in the sales department of the hotel and is responsible in helping the hotel achieve its sales targets and bring in revenue. The sales executive is required to build relationship with clients and convert these relations into potential revenue for the hotel. Candidates applying for the job of a sales executive in a hotel need to have a great hotel sales executive resume that will help highlight the key skills and qualities of the candidate and also help focus on the accomplishments and achievement of the person. Here we have some valuable information that will help candidates get a clear understanding of the job requirements and the roles and responsibilities of a sales executive working for a hotel. This information will help you create a perfect resume for your profile.

Job Description: The professional is required to assist the sales manager or supervisor in bringing in business and revenue into the hotel. The person is required to explore prospective markets, clients and meet these clients to discuss business requirements. The person is also required to build relations with existing clients and convert these relations into business by selling block bookings, reservations of banquet halls, conference rooms, dining areas etc. The person is required to highlight various features of the hotel and use these features to bring in additional sales and revenue to the hotel

Skills requirement: The person who is interested in applying for the job of a sales executive with a hotel needs to ensure that he or she has the required skills that are needed for the job. These skills include good communication skills, good convincing skills, good sales skills, great personal and public relation skills, have good marketing techniques, ability to do cold calls, good at doing follow ups with clients, positive attitude, target oriented, self motivated etc.

Educational Requirements:  most hotels look for candidates who have a college graduate degree either in sales and marketing or field related to hotel management.

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Here we have a few hotel sales executive sample resumes that you can refer to when you plan on creating your professional profile. These sample resumes will be valuable and will give you a definite advantage over the other job seekers as they focus on the skills and criteria that an employer or recruiter would look for in a good sales representative. You can learn how to write a professional resume that will help you get a job with a leading hotel by using these samples as a reference.

Refer to the sample resumes given here:

Sample Resume 1

Sample Resume 2

Sample Resume 3

Sample Resume 4

Sample Resume 5

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