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An interior designer is a professional who is responsible for planning and designing people’s homes, offices and commercial spaces. An interior designer is responsible for turning someone’s dreams into reality. One of the first steps that a professional needs to undertake when looking for a job is to equip himself with a good interior designer resume that will help the candidate highlight his or her skills, qualities and expertise in designing and the field. Getting a job as an interior designer may not be easy as there is tough competition in this field, having a professional interior designer resume will not only help the person improve his or her chances of getting a job, it will also help the candidate create a good first impression on the reader. Here we look at some vital information that will help people better understand the job of an interior designer; we also have a few sample resumes that you can refer to.

Job Description: The interior designer is primarily responsible for designing and creating designs for living space, offices and commercial spaces. The designer is also required to create concepts and share them with clients, design furniture, advising clients on structural changes, ensuring that space is utilized in an optimum manner, choosing the material that is to be used to decorate and create the place and closely work with contractors and builders to ensure that the designs are implemented in the proper manner.

Skills Description: Candidates who are interested in the job need to ensure that they meet the minimum skills needed to be a good interior designer, these skills include ability to understand the customer’s needs, creativity, imagination, good eye for detail, ability to create concepts and visualize a concept, good designing and drawing skills, good computer skills, good negotiating skills, good communication skills etc.

Educational Requirements: Candidates who want to apply for this job need to ensure that they meet the minimum educational requirement set for the job. Most organizations look for designers who have a degree in designing or a related field. Candidates who have completed civil engineering and have taken up a course in designing or if they have completed their BTEC can also apply for these jobs. Experienced candidate who have been working as interior designers can also apply for a NCIDQ license in this field.

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Here we take a look at a few sample interior designer resumes that have been professionally written and which focus on the key skills and qualities of the candidate, these sample resumes have been created to specifically highlight the qualities and skills of the candidate which an employer would look for when hiring someone. You can give your career a boost and get closer to your dream job by referring to these sample resumes and learning to write the perfect resume for an interior designer.

Browse through the sample resumes given here:

Sample Resume 1

Sample Resume 2

Sample Resume 3

Sample Resume 4

Sample Resume 5

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