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An intern architect is a professional who has completed his or her degree in architecture and is now in the process of getting his or her license as an architect. The architect intern needs to be enrolled in a program to prepare for his license examination. On successfully completing the course and examination the intern architect will be able to use the title architect and practice his trade. People pursuing their internship need to have a strong intern architect resume that will help them showcase their skills and talent at designing and conceptualizing designs and also help other get a good view of their profile. Here we have a look at some important information that will help candidates write a great intern resume and will also help them understand a great deal more about the roles and responsibility of the post.

Job Responsibility:  The primary responsibility of the intern is to provide the senior architect with assistance in designing, coordination, and conceptualizing of designs. The candidate is also required to assist with creating designs using 3d software’s, reviewing designs and making changes as required, assisting lead architect with contractual details, presentation of designs and concepts to clients etc.

Skills Requirements: The candidate who is working as an intern requires a good eye for designs and designing, skill at using architectural software’s, conceptualizing designs, should have good communication, good computer skills, good knowledge of architectural techniques, knowledge of civil engineering, environmental science and civic laws and standards in regards with building designs and construction.

Educational Requirements: To work as an intern architect the candidate needs to have completed his or her bachelor’s degree in architectural design, post the degree the candidate needs to complete the stipulated internship duration and then apply for his or her license.


Here we take a look at a few intern architect sample resumes that will help you learn how to write a great profile for your budding career. You can refer to these samples and create a resume that will stand out among the competition and highlight your skills and talents as a young and upcoming architect and get you noticed by employers. Kick start your career by using these sample resumes given here.

Browse through the sample resumes given here:

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Sample Resume 5

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