Registered Nurse

A Registered Nurse also known as a RN is a trained nurse who has completed a nursing program either at a university or nursing college and has passed a national licensing examination before he or she can practice nursing. Like other nurses a registered nurse is responsible for caring for patients, helping their families and assisting doctors with the administrative work in the hospital.  A registered nurse can either work at a hospital or a private practice. The job or scope of practice of a registered nurse is determined by that each state in their nurse practice act, outlining the tasks they can or may not perform.

A registered nurses resume is similar to other nurse resumes, and just like other resumes, in order for the registered nurses resume to attract attention we need to ensure that proper though is given to it before your start working on the resume.

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When drafting your registered nurse resume, following these tips can help you create a perfect resume that is professional and will help you get noticed by recruiters.

Objective Statement: To ensure that your registered nurses resume catches the eye of the reader, in this case the employer, it is very important that your resume objective be written well. A registered nurses resume objective must clearly state the job that you are applying for, your contributions that you can make to the organization and most important of all highlight your skills that help make you a great nurse.

Work Experience: The work experience section of a nurse’s resume is of great importance as it tells the reader about your skills, abilities and qualities that make you a great nurse. You should also ensure that the section about your work experience is written well with your work experience being given in reverse chronological order (Last held job at the topmost). You also need to ensure that you give the roles and responsibilities for each nursing job held by you, giving details of each job.

Education: Highlighting your educational qualifications and achievements is also required to ensure that your resume can leverage your qualities, highlighting academics like scores, degrees, diplomas, certifications and trainings help establish you as a subject matter expert in the field of nursing and adds weight age to your profile.

In this section we have a few sample registered nurse resume that you can use to create your own nurse resume that is both impressive and also has the capability of catching the eye of recruiters. You can use these resume examples as a reference when drafting your nursing profile as these resumes have been written by professional resume writers who have vast experience in the field,  and highlight the important sections and keywords required for a nurses resume. These sample resumes can help you create the perfect resume for yourself and give a boost to your nursing career.

Refer to the Sample Resumes that we have given below :