Elementary Teacher

Elementary School Teachers Resume

The job of an Elementary school teacher is a very promising job as we see a lot of elementary schools flourishing nowadays which is driving up the demand of well qualified elementary teachers. An Elementary school teacher is supposed to assist young children in getting acclimatized to a classroom environment; this includes introducing the children to reading, writing and arithmetic.

It is important that an elementary school teacher’s resume include, along with his or her educational qualifications and experience proof of the teacher’s organizational skills.

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An Elementary teachers resume should highlight the important skills that an elementary teacher brings to the school and its students. The elementary school teachers resume must be visually appealing, to the point and concise. The Elementary school teachers resume should be unique and includes areas of proficiency, the profile and strengths of the teacher, which immediately shows the employer that the candidate is qualified. An Elementary teachers skills and credentials are very critical and must be listed them on the first page. An elementary school teachers resume should also include some individualized accomplishments, this helps highlight a resume.

Tips for perfect elementary school teacher resumes

The following points will help you create the perfect elementary teachers resume

Elementary School Teachers Profile

• Include your versatility as a teacher who can teach different subjects.

• Include references to your work flexibility, like able to work with large groups of children.

Elementary School Teachers Achievements

• Mention any teaching method that you may have developed.

• Mention instances where you have successfully worked and help improve children with special needs.

• Mention any instances where you’ve successfully resolved problems.

Elementary School Teachers Experience

• Describe your role in as an elementary teacher in detail.

• Highlight your experience of meeting parents, guardians or other school staff to discuss observations on children with special needs or issues.

• Highlight your experience in creating, administering and grade tests & homework.

• Highlight your experience in creating classroom material to meet requirements of individual children.


Elementary School Teachers Resume Objective

An elementary school teacher’s task is to teach little children at school and make them comfortable in an educational environment. It is important that a teacher keep a few things in mind while creating elementary school teachers resume objective, one should ensure skills and interests of the elementary school teacher in teaching and handling children comes across in the resume objective.

Elementary teacher resume objective 1:

A position of an Elementary school teacher where, I can use my skills of interacting with children easily to give them the educational background that is needed to be successful as well as be better human beings.

Elementary teacher resume objective 2:

A position of an Elementary school teacher which requires a resourceful team player with a positive and effective teaching style, as well as an ability & willingness to lead in extracurricular activities. Special interest in teaching grades I to V.

Elementary teacher resume objective 3:

A position of an Elementary school teacher that would allow me to be a part of a resourceful team, who has an effective and positive teaching style, with a willingness to provide support for both extracurricular activities and book knowledge.

Elementary teacher resume objective 4:

A position as an Elementary school teacher requiring a highly effective communicator with excellent student counselling skills and a special expertise in working with the disabled or children with special needs.

Some Common Formats for sample elementary teachers resume are given below: