English Teacher

English Teachers Resume

To apply for an English teacher job, the candidate must have certain skills like a great command over both, spoken as well as written English as these teachers are sought after as English teachers by various schools and institutions. Other skills for a good English Teacher include great teaching aptitude as well as qualities like patience and a passion for English subject. These are skills that need special reference in an English teachers resume.

Some of the skills that an English teacher’s resume must have are:

  • Either a graduate or a master’s degree in English.
  • Excellent student understanding & teaching abilities.
  • Well versed with the various aspects of the English language.

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How to Write the Best English Teachers Resume

When writing a English teachers resume you can follow these simple tips that we have laid out for you. These tips will ensure that you have a perfect English teachers resume that is sure to draw attention to itself.

English Teacher Resume Header

An English teacher’s resume header must be the first part of the resume and must include information like the contact information of the candidate.

English Teacher Resume – Objective Statement

The English teachers resume objective statement must come immediately after the resume header. The resume objective must be short and precise not more than 2-3 sentences and must touch on points like why you would like to seek employment with the school/institution; it must contain a goal, your expectations and what you would deliver.

English Teacher Resume – Qualifications and Skills

An English teachers resume must have show that the candidate has great written and spoken English skills, these skills must be portrayed in the English teachers resume in such a way that the resume makes the candidate irresistible for the job. Additional skills like good computer skills, a valid teacher’s license, good interpersonal skills etc also need to be listed.

Professional Experience for an English Teacher Resume

When writing an English teachers resume you should list your professional experience in reverse chronological order. Each job held as an English teacher must be followed with a list of roles and responsibilities carried out.

 English Teacher Resume References

When writing an English teachers resume, you should always include references or quotes from your previous employers/bosses. It is advisable to have the references in reverse chronological order.
How to Write a Professional Career Objective  for English Teacher Resume

An English Teachers resume objective is an important part of the resume that clearly inderlines your goals and aspirations. An English teachers resume objective must be not more than 2-3 sentence and must be clear and precise. We have some sample English teacher resume objectives that you can use when writing your English Teacher resume.

English Teacher Resume Objective 1

Looking for a position that will allow me to apply my strong social, analytical and bilingual communication skills in helping students develop a liking for the English language.”

English Teacher Resume Objective 2

“Looking for a position that would allow me to apply my skills of inductive reasoning with an ability to create theoretical models, superb reading and writing skills along with experience writing in a professional environment. Team and leader attitude as well as committed, self-motivated and flexible, with high ethical standards.”

English Teacher Resume Objective 3

Looking for a position as an English teacher  to high school students to help them appreciate the wealth and beauty of English literature.”

You can refer to the sample English Teacher resumes that we have provided for you. You can download these English Teacher resumes and edit them as per your requirements. Each of these English teacher resumes have been written with a professional touch, highlighting the key skills required for a perfect English Teachers resume.

Some Common Formats for Sample English Teachers resume are given below: