Payroll Accountant

A payroll accountant is an accounting professional who works in the payroll department of the organization and is required to carry out functions like generate the company payroll reports on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis, issue checks to employees, manage wire transfer wages to the employees bank accounts along with other accounting functions related with payroll like calculating additions and deductions on the employee’s salary.

The payroll accountant holds a very important position in the organization, and this profession is a high paying on. When applying for the post of a payroll accountant one need to ensure that he or she has a great payroll accountant resume that will help the candidate get a job. A good payroll accountant resume must be able to highlight the candidate’s skills and expertise in accountancy as well in the payroll domain. Due to the nature of the job and the benefits involved, many accounting students and professional want to opt for this profile. Getting a good job as a payroll accountant is not easy and this is where candidates with a professionally written payroll accountant resume have an advantage.

When drafting a resume for the post of a payroll accountant it is very important that the candidate’s knowledge of accountancy, calculating payroll and managing the payroll records of an organization are highlighted. This job involves a lot of skill and expertise and if the candidate is unable to highlight his or her qualities, they are sure to get sidelined and someone with a professional resume will land the job.

By optimizing your resume you can greatly improve your profile visibility vis a vis employers and improve your chances of getting the job. These simple tips given here will help you draft a perfect payroll accountant resume that highlights the right skills needed for the job.

Let your profile be unique: Avoid using a run of the mill resume format, your resume is a mirror of your personality. Ensuring that your resume is unique will help you stand out amongst the other job seekers.

Eye for detail: A payroll accountant is required to be meticulous in his work; the slightest of mistakes can result in losses to the organization. You can show your eye for detail by ensuring that your resume is free of any mistakes or errors. Facts and numbers entered on the resume must be factual and accurate.

Professional details: it is important that your resume highlight your professional details like your work experience, roles and responsibilities, organizations worked for, achievements in your career etc. This helps portray you as an expert in your field.

Academics: An accountant needs to be a professional who is good with numbers, good at analyzing data etc. Highlighting your academic qualifications and achievements like scores, certifications, trainings, workshops etc. can help show that you are the right candidate for the job.

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Here we have a professional sample resume for payroll accountant that will teach you how to write a great resume that is both impressive and effective. This sample resume highlights the candidate’s proficiency in handling payroll related tasks along with other accounting activities and functions. You can use this sample as a reference guide when drafting your profile and give your career the advantage you need to stay ahead of the competition when you apply for a job.

Browse through these sample resumes given below:

Payroll Accountant Sample Resume 1

Payroll Accountant Sample Resume 2

Payroll Accountant Sample Resume 3

Payroll Accountant Sample Resume 4

Payroll Accountant Sample Resume 5

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