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If you plan on applying for a cost accountant position, it is advisable that you first equip yourself with a well written and professional cost accountant resume that will make the task of getting a great job much easier. A cost accountant is a very important person who works for an organization and who is responsible for analyzing cost inventory reports, measure and assign costs of services and products that the organization sells or provides, maintains inventory balances and verifies the accuracy of the inventory reports along with managing accounting books and bank accounts. The cost accountant is required to work in close proximity with various departments or personnel like procurement, store department etc.

The position of a cost accountant not only needs specialized skills in accounting, but also requires expertise in the field along with experience. When drafting a cost accountant resume, it is very important that the resume highlights the candidate’s skills, experience and expertise in cost accountancy.  A good resume must be customized to suit not just the needs of the candidates, but should mirror the requirements and skills that the employers is looking for as well.  You can optimize your resume by following these resume writing pointers given below.

Objective statement: A strong resume objective statement whelps you highlight your skills, experience and knowledge in a few sentences. A well written objective statement will immediately catch the attention of an employers or an accounting manager.

Work experience: The work experience section is very important and needs to be optimized to highlight the previous roles and responsibilities held by the candidate, organizations he or she was working for and the duration that the person worked with each organization.

Education: A cost accountant requires specialized skills in comparison with any other accountant. One must highlight the candidate’s academic achievements, degrees, diplomas, certifications, honours and awards, trainings attended etc that make the candidate an expert in his domain.

Skills: Adding a skills section to your resume enables you to highlight your key skills that make you a perfect candidate for the job,. It is always advisable to align your skills with the requirements of the organization in order to better your chances of getting a job.

Achievements: This section should focus on your key career achievements; this can include information on money saved, profit margin increase, reduction of costs in production, marketing etc, reduction in loss etc. When mentioning achievements it is better to give actual figures that you can substantiate.


You can further enhance your resume by providing a brief glimpse of your personality to employers; this is a great way of promoting yourself as the ideal candidate.

Here we have a few sample cost accountant resumes that you can refer to learn how to draft a professional looking resume. These sample resumes contain the vital sections that a good cost accountant resume must have and what are required by employers. You would find these samples are the ideal format for your profile and not just help you create an impressive resume but also will ensure that your accounting career gets catapulted onto the road to success.

Feel free to refer to these sample resumes given below

Cost Accountant Sample Resume 1

Cost Accountant Sample Resume 2

Cost Accountant Sample Resume 3

Cost Accountant Sample Resume 4

Cost Accountant Sample Resume 5

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