Personal Administrative Assistant

If you plan on applying for the position of a personal administrative assistant, you need to have a great personal administrative assistant resume. Having a well written and professional resume will help you stand out among the competition when you apply for a job. The position of a personal administrative assistant is a very lucrative career option, resulting in a large number of applicants applying for a job. A great resume helps you be making you stand out by highlighting your skills and making your profile visible to recruiting managers.

A Personal administrative assistant works for an executive officer or a manager in an office or an organization, the personal assistant is responsible for carrying out tasks like correspondence, preparing reports, maintaining minutes of meetings, scheduling appointments and meetings etc. The professional assistant needs to be informed about what is going on in the organisation, should be technically savvy, being able to operate various office equipment as well as should be updated on various office automation processes and software. He should also be able to deal with situations in the absence of the executive officer and may be required to attend meetings or take a decision on behalf of the executive officer and must ensure confidentiality about matters.

While drafting a personal administrative assistant resume one needs to give a lot of thought and time and ensure that the resume focuses on the key skills and qualities that the job requires.

The profile focus on the persons past experience, expertise in the job as well as highlight skills like good communication, management skills, decision making skills etc.

When drafting your resume, you should have your personal details a including name; contact information at the top. The personal details should be followed with a resume objective. Your objective must touch on your key skills and should refer to the position you are applying for.

The next section is the work experience section on the resume format. In this section one must highlight the candidates work experience, roles and responsibilities held and also can highlight various accolades and honours received.

The next section on your profile would be the education section. Here you will add your qualifications, degrees, diplomas and trainings.

The next section should be your reference section, you can add the references of your previous employers or you can just add ‘references available on request’.


In this section we have a few personal administrative assistant sample resume that focuses on the skills, expertise and experience required for the job. By focusing on these attributes of the candidate, your resume will help you  grab the attention of a prospective employer.

You can use this personal administrative assistant resume template as a reference or download the resume examples that have been given here to add a professional touch to your resume; these sample resumes have been written by professional writers and are sure to add a boost to your career.

Some Common Formats for Personal Administrative Assistant Sample Resume are given below: