Administrative Assistant

You need a powerful administrative assistant resume to get an Administrative assistant’s job. While there are many jobs available in this field, the competition is very tough, and you need a resume that will ensure that you are able to make a good and lasting impression on a prospective employer.

An administrative assistant job is a very important one in an organization and is a person who is responsible for providing clerical support to an executive or a manager of the organization, or also plays a support role for multiple executives in the management. The role also includes providing project management support, email, fax and phone communication and correspondence, organizing meetings, organizational support etc. The candidate would also be required to carry out functions for an executive officer like taking care of paperwork, maintaining their schedule, setting up appointments and meetings etc.

An administrative assistant resume template must portray the candidate’s skills like being proficient in the use of computers; he or she should be well versed with the various office automation applications, should be proficient in project management and should also be able to communicate with clients as well as internal departments.

When drafting an Administrative assistant resume example, one should focus on the key skills of the candidate and highlight them in your resume. Your profile must portray a picture that the candidate is the perfect fit for the vacancy and must have the capabilities of convincing the recruiting managers and get you interview calls for the desired job.

How to write an Administrative Assistant Resume

For your administrative assistant resume format to be able to grab the reader’s attention, it is very important that it be tailor made for your profile, that is, you should avoid using someone’s template. You need to have a resume that is custom made for your profile; your resume must be able to sell your profile by highlighting your skills and accomplishments that make you a great choice for the job.

  • When drafting an administrative assistant resume sample, one need to pay special attention to the resume objective, stressing on the job you are applying for.
  • Your resume must be clear and should mention all the required details so that it catches the attention of the reader.
  •  It needs to be updated regularly and should clearly specify your career interests. You should include in your resume any recently undertaken responsibility or task, qualification or accomplishment.
  •  You must specify in detail the jobs that you have held in chronological order.  The jobs should be accompanied with dates and roles and responsibilities carried out in that position.
  • You should mention your educational qualification, certifications, trainings attended as well as skills that you possess.
  •  You must have a strong reference section on your profile; you can include reference letters or reference quotes from previous employers as well.

Here we look at a few professionally written Administrative Assistant sample resume that have been specifically written for various positions. These resume samples highlight the candidate’s key skills and qualities that are required for the job.  You can use these templates as a reference or a guideline while creating your very own profile, these sample resumes will help you stay ahead of the competition and will help you get noticed by the recruiting managers. Learn how to draft a perfect administrative assistant resume by referring to our sample resumes and give your career a head start.

 Some Common Formats for Administrative Assistant Sample Resume are given below:

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