Customer Service Trainer

A customer service trainer is a profession who is employed with a call center of a customer support center and whose primary responsibility is to impart customer service training to the new hire and existing employees of the organization. The job of a customer service trainer is highly satisfying and is a well paying job which has seen a growing demand for good trainers globally. The call center industry has seen steady growth in the last couple of decades fuelling a never ending demand for good professionals. Getting a job as a customer service trainer can be made easier if you are equipped with a customer service trainer resume that has the ability to market your skills and expertise to employers.

Job Description: A customer service trainer plays a very important role in a call center or a customer service contact center, the candidate is required to be specialized in training employees and imparting both products related and customer service related trainings. The trainer is required to teach employees how to use various software, equipments, phones and reference tools that can be used to answer customer queries over the telephone. They are also required to impart specialized skills like communication skills, telephone etiquette etc.

Skills: A customer service trainer requires specialized skills that include good oral and written communication skills, adaptability to a dynamic environment, ability to drive change, good analytical skills, a positive attitude, highly motivated and optimistic, energetic and well organized. It is important that a customer service trainer’s resume contain these skills as they are required for the job, and are something that employers would want to see in a candidate who applies for the job. Along with these skills other skills that are needed are good computer skills, knowledge of various tools used in training environment like the use of LMS etc.

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Educational requirements:  Most of the employers who hire a customer service trainer look for candidates who have a minimum educational qualification of a high school diploma, while a high school diploma is sufficient to be eligible, having a college graduate degree, college diploma or a post graduates degree on your resume not only increases your chances of landing a job, it also would be an added advantage in furthering your career with the organization. When drafting a customer service trainer resume, one must always add additional qualifications like trainings, certifications and workshops attended.

Other than this having prior experience as a teacher or a trainer or having experience from the training industry can be an added bonus and will help give you an advantage over other job seekers.

In this section we have a few professionally written customer service trainer resume that you can use as a reference tool or a guideline when drafting your resume, these sample resumes will help you learn how to write a resume that is impressive and will catch the eyes of a recruiter or hiring manager. You can give your career a boost by using these templates and catapult your career to success.

Browse through our Sample Resumes given below:

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