Training Manager

A training manager in a call center is a professional who is responsible for overlooking the performance of the training department and is responsible for managing a team of trainers. This job is a high paying job, with many candidates vying for the position. Candidates interested in the job need a strong training manager resume that highlights the skills and expertise of the candidate both in the domain of training as and as a manager. When drafting a training manager resume on must always ensure that the candidates skills, experience both as a trainer and a training manager are highlighted along with his or her qualification. Here we have some information on the required profile that can help you draft a great resume.

Job description: A manager is responsible for training, recruiting and mentoring trainers, he is also responsible for identifying the key competencies of the trainers and allotting them tasks as per their competencies, along with this the manager is responsible for creating and implementing training plans in close consultation with operations and the clients, over see the designs and development of  training curriculum, carry out training needs analysis of various departments, create a training budget , implement career development for employees etc.

Skills: the candidate needs to be a highly skilled professional with great written and oral communication skills; he should be able to create strategies and implement the, skills as a peoples manager, a great mentor and trainer, should be good with numbers, accounts and should have great computer skills.

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Educational requirements: most call centers that are looking for candidates to fill the position of a training manager opt for candidates with a post graduates degree. Having a post graduate degree in business management will greatly improve your chances of landing a job. Other than a post graduate degree, candidates who have attended various trainings and have achieved certifications that pertain to the training domain will stand a better chance of getting hired as a training manager in an organization.

When drafting a training manager resume, one should highlight the candidates skills and experience both as a trainer and a manager, this would help you convince the employers that you are the perfect fit for the job.

In this section we have a few training manager sample resumes that have been created by a team of specialist resume writers and that will help you get a professional profile. These sample resumes have been created specially keeping in mind the key skills and qualities of a candidate that employers wish to see when shortlist candidates for the role of a training manager.

You can refer to these samples that will help you learn how to write a resume and will help give your career a boost.

Browse through the sample resumes given below:

Training Manager Resume Sample 1

Training Manager Resume Sample 2

Training Manager Resume Sample 3

Training Manager Resume Sample 4

Training Manager Resume Sample 5

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