Technical Sales Representative

A technical sales representative is a sales representative who is responsible for selling a company’s equipment or products. A technical sales representative is required to increase the sales output for the company in the sales territory that has been assigned to him, the technical sales representative is required to create a network of dealers, wholesalers and contractors to implements the sales strategy of the company.

The technical sales representative is required to handle and resolve any technical queries, complaints and issues related to the product after the sale is complete.

For a good technical sales representative, one must have a sound technical background, proper technical knowledge of the product that the company is selling along with skills like good communication, confidence, sales skills etc.


In this section we have a few sample technical sales representative resumes, that have been written by professional resume writers and that focus on these key skills and expertise of a technical sales representative.

The sample resumes given here will help you give a boost to your technical sales career and will give you a head start over the competition. You can use these sample resumes given here as a reference or download these resume and customize them to suit you profile.

Some Common Formats for Technical Sales Representative Resume are given below:

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