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A computer programmer is a IT professional who works for a software company and who is responsible for creating software programs and applications. The computer programming industry has seen a meteoric rise in the last couple of decades fueling a never ending demand for good talented software and computer programming professional. This job is considered to be a very lucrative career option as the salaries are high and professionals get many added perks. Candidates wanting to apply for the job first need to have a computer programmer student resume that can highlight their skills and qualifications and ensure that their profile is able to catch the attention of the employers. It is very important for computer programmer students to have a powerful resume as a well drafted and written profile summary not only focuses on the skills and qualifications, but it also helps highlight key accomplishments that may otherwise have gone unnoticed. Here we take a look at some key information and a few sample resumes that will help students create a great resume.

Job Description: The computer programmer is required to create programs using various computer programming languages that can be used for games, user applications, operating systems etc.  The programmer student is usually taken on board a company as a intern or a entry level programmer and is required to assist senior programmer write complex programming codes for various projects.

Skill Requirement: The candidate who wants to apply for the job needs generic as well as technical skills, generic skills like good written and oral communication skills, hardworking, ability to work under stress, etc can greatly enhance the person’s capabilities and chances of landing a job.

Educational Requirement: The minimum educational requirement for the job is that the candidate either has an associate degree in computer engineering or application or a bachelors degree in computer science. Candidates with additional training, knowledge of various software development languages and platforms etc or a post graduate’s degree in computer science will have a definitive advantage over the others when applying for a job.

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Here we have a few sample computer programmer student resume that you can refer to when creating your profile, these sample resumes have been created by professional writers and focus on the key skills and qualities that a computer programmer must have, these are the skills that employers would be looking for in a candidate when they shortlist candidates for the job. You can refer to the sample resumes given here and use them as a guideline when creating your resume. These samples will help boot your career and get you a dream job as a programmer.

Browse through our sample resumes given below

Sample Resume 1

Sample Resume 2

Sample Resume 3

Sample Resume 4

Sample Resume 5

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