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An engineering student resume is the first step that a student who has completed his or her engineering course is required to take in order to get a good job as an engineer with a reputed organization. A well written engineering student resume will not only help a fresher create a profile that is both impressive and helps highlight his or her key skills, but it also ensures that the candidate has a unique profile that helps them stand out amongst the competition. When drafting a resume for engineering students, many candidates are often left clueless as to how to write a profile that is both professional and effective. One of the keys to success is to have a profile that focuses on your education and your skills, here we take a look at a few points that can help transform you simple student resume into a winning profile.

Resume Tips:

The most important sections of a resume for student are the education and skills section, highlighting these sections will help you create a resume that focuses on the positive points in your profile and will help balance out the lack of experience in your resume.

Skills: this section should contain the key skills that you possess and which are required for the job, this would include both technical and job specific skills and generic skills. Technical and job specific skills are skills that are required for carrying out the job and without which the candidate would not be eligible for the job, generic skills include skills like communication skills etc.

Education: Here the candidate is required to include his or her academic achievements, qualifications and accomplishments. One must list down the degree, diploma, post graduate degree along with name of the school, year of passing out along with honors, awards, certifications, gpa scores etc.

Affiliations: this section should include your affiliations and memberships to various associations, fraternities and clubs. This give the employers a picture that you are vibrant, able to work well as a team and energetic.

Experience: this is an optional section, candidates who have past experie4nce, either part time, voluntary or internships need to add these details here. This section should include detailed roles and responsibilities of the candidate.

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In addition to these sections when drafting an engineering student resume, one must also ensure that the profile gives a picture that the candidate has a positive attitude and is willing to learn and has the potential to grow.

Here we have a few sample resume that have been professionally written by experts. These samples have been created keeping in mind the required skills and expertise or qualities that are required in students who have passed out engineering courses and are looking for a job. These sample engineering student resumes have focused on the skills that employers would look for in a candidate when hiring someone for the post of an intern or a junior engineer in an organization. Give your career a boost by referring to these samples when creating you profile.

Browse through the sample resumes given below:

Engineering Student Sample resume 1

Engineering Student Sample resume 2

Engineering Student Sample resume 3

Engineering Student Sample resume 4

Engineering Student Sample resume 5

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