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A finance student resume is a very important marketing tool that a fresher or a finance student has in his or her possession that can help the candidate get a desirable job within the finance domain. A well drafted finance student resume can help make it easier for the candidate to get a job as the resume focuses on the key skills and qualities that the candidate possesses.

Unlike other resumes, a student resume must focus on the skills and knowledge of the candidate rather than focusing on the experience that the candidate has in this field. Students who are seeking to kick start their career in the financial sector need to go in for a resume that balances out the lack of experience by highlighting the candidate’s skills, knowledge and academic accomplishments. Here we have a few tips that will help you write a great financial student resume that will help you land a dream job.

Resume tips:

  • Resume Format: candidates preparing s student resume must choose the correct format that focuses on the candidate’s skills and knowledge and compensates for the candidates lack of experience.
  • Functional resume over chronological resume: a student resume must be a functional resume, this resume format is well suited for candidates without any experience or with little experience and helps highlight the educational qualifications and achievements of the candidate.
  • Title: the title on a resume should be right at the top, optimizing the title so that is is catchy and immediately grabs the attention of the reader.
  • Personal Information: The next section should contain the candidates personal information like name, address and contact information, when drafting your resume one must ensure that is information in updated as employers would try contacting you using these details.
  • Skills: the skills section of your financial resume must contain you key skills that make you the prime candidate for the job, these include skills like good knowledge of the financial sector, good communication skills, leadership qualities etc.
  • Education: the education section is very important in a student resume as this section is placed above the experience section. Here you should include your degrees, diplomas or post graduate degrees. You can add your gpa scores, examinations certifications achieved, trainings, workshops and paper presentation to highlight your academic accomplishments and qualifications.


Following these simple tips will help you create a great financial student resume that will help you get a dream job with a reputed organization. These tips will help you draft a resume that is impressive and unique and will help catch the eye of an employer when you apply for the job.

In this section we have a few sample resume that have been written keeping in mind the key skills and qualities that candidates must have when applying for the job. These sample financial student resume have been written by experts and will help you create  a profile that can make a great impression on employers. Refer to these samples and create a resume that will make you stand out amongst the competition and help you get a dream job.

Browse through the sample resumes given below:

Financial Student Sample Resume 1

Financial Student Sample Resume 2

Financial Student Sample Resume 3

Financial Student Sample Resume 4

Financial Student Sample Resume 5

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