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A grad nurse is a nursing professional who has recently completed his or her nurses training course and is set to enter the nursing field and start a a career. The most important step that a grad nurse can take is to prepare a strong grad nurse resume that is capable of highlighting the candidate’s skills and knowledge that he or she has gained through the training. The nursing sector has seen a surge in the demand of qualified nursing professionals, with many professionals opting for specialized courses that make them eligible for these jobs. The biggest challenge faced by a new grad nurse is the stiff competition that the candidate faces when applying for a job. A professional resume that highlights the candidates skills and expertise not only helps highlight the candidates profile, but helps create a favorable impression on the employers, thus improving ones chance of landing a job.

Job Description: A grad nurse’s role is very similar to an experienced nurse’s role, however the fresher nurse takes on much lesser responsibilities in comparison with an experienced nursing professional. Some of the responsibilities of a grad nurse would include caring for patients, monitoring their health and performance against the prescribed medical plan, administer medication, provide information on the patients progress and provide support to the patient and relatives and advice them on post hospitalization care.

Educational Requirements: A nursing professional need to have a graduate degree in nursing before he or she can be eligible for the job. A grad nurse’s role is similar to a RN’s role, and thus they need to have the same educational qualification. Having undertaken trainings that help enhance the nursing skills and expertise of the candidate or holding a post graduate degree will definitely be and added advantage for the candidate.

Skill Requirements: The candidate should possess skills like being compassionate, excellent care giver, patience, good communication skills, ability to work long hours, ability to work under pressure, positive, motivated, ability to operate complex medicinal equipment, ability to identify the patient’s medical problem and sound medical knowledge.

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When drafting a grad nurse resume, one must focus more on the candidate’s skills and knowledge, this would help portray a picture that the candidate has sound knowledge of the nursing filed. One can also highlight the candidate’s internship, trainings and various activities linked to nursing.

Here we have a few sample resumes that you can refer to while creating your resume. These sample resumes have been created keeping in mind the skills and knowledge that a grad nurse should have. You can use these sample grad nurse resumes as a reference or a guideline to ensure that you have a well written and professional resume that will help you stand out amongst the competition and get noticed by employers. These samples are sure to help you have  a unique profile that will help you stand out amongst the crowd and get you closer to your dream nursing job.

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Grad Nurse Sample Resume 1

Grad Nurse Sample Resume 2

Grad Nurse Sample Resume 3

Grad Nurse Sample Resume 4

Grad Nurse Sample Resume 5

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