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A high school student resume is a document that plays a very critical and vital role in a high school student’s life. The high school student resume is required when a student wishes to apply for a part time job during his or her summer vacations or during the after school hours. A resume for a high school student is also required when the student sends his or her application to various colleges to secure an admission into a desired course that the college has to offer.

It is very important that the resume for a high school student highlight his or her academics and skills. One of the most important points to be kept in mind when drafting a resume is to understand the purpose of the resume. If the resume I to be sent pout as a job application the candidates skills and qualities that fit the job description would need to be highlighted, however if the student wants to send his or her resume out as  a cover letter for the college admission application one needs to ensure that the resume highlights the candidates academic excellence, achievements and accomplishments in academics highlighting what a god student he or she is and the benefits of having this student study in the college.

When drafting a high school student resume it is very important that one focus on the following points:

  • Skills: Here one must add skills like good communication skills, excellent computer skills, fast learner, good at analysis etc.
  • Education: On must start with the name of the school, the grade and course that the candidate is perusing along with details about the GPA, awards, honors, achievements etc.
  • Affiliations: in this section one must add membership to various clubs like the math club, orators club, astronomy club, fraternities etc. This would help employers see that you are a positive outgoing person who can work with other people.
  • Experience: this section is optional, it would depend if the candidate has had any prior work experience like part time jobs, internships voluntary work etc. Adding these points will help focus on your professional skills.


Here we have a few sample resume that highlight the students knowledge and skills, you can refer to these samples when drafting your resume and create a resume that is both eye catching and impressive. Refer to these sample high school student resume and give your career a boost.

Browse though the sample resumes given below:

High School Student Resume Sample 1

High School Student Resume Sample 2

High School Student Resume Sample 3

 High School Student Resume Sample 4

High School Student Resume Sample 5

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