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An MBA student resume is a very important marketing tool that a student who has completed his or her MBA has at his disposal. A resume is similar to a marketing communication that is used by organizations to sell a service or product, the only difference being that the resume is use to sell or pitch the candidates skills and profile to prospective employers. A well written resume can be the difference between a candidate getting a job and being rejected. An MBA student who has completed his education and is planning on perusing a career in his or her specialization needs a well drafted MBA student resume that can help leverage the candidates skills and expertise to get a job in a with a leading organization. When drafting a resume for an MBA student, the candidate needs to ensure that a few points are taken care of te ensure that the resume has a professional look.

Resume Tips:

Follow these simple tips to ensure that your MBA resume is capable of capturing the attention of employers.

  • Highlight Key Sections: When drafting the resume, one must ensure that the candidate create a resume that highlights the key sections of the profile like skills, education and experience.
  • Impressive and effective: One must ensure that the professional profile of a candidate has the ability to catch the attention of the reader with a very short span time, employers spend approximately 15 seconds browsing through a candidates resume, the profile must be able to catch the attention of the reader within this time by focusing on the candidates credentials.
  • Focus on Key skills, qualities and credentials: It is very important to focus on the candidate’s skills, credentials and qualifications that help portray a picture that the candidate is right for the job.
  • Be specific: when writing down your roles and responsibilities, one must ensure that the description is specific to the job. Each role held needs to be described providing specific of what the candidates roles were, the various responsibilities held etc.
  • Length of the resume: When creating a document, one must follow a simple rule, if the profile is for a fresher, the document should not exceed one page, always ensure that an experienced candidate resume should not exceed two pages in length.
  • Free of errors: When drafting the document, the candidate needs to ensure that there are no errors, both grammatical and factual errors made. A resume that is rife with errors can create a negative image in the mind of the reader and can cost the candidate the job.

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Here we have few sample MBA student resumes that have been created keeping these above mentioned points in view, you can use these sample resumes as a reference or a guideline when creating your profile. These samples are created to ensure that your resume gets the maximum advantage from your skills and knowledge and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

Browse through our sample resumes given here:

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