Student Teacher

A student teacher is a student who is undergoing training or is pursuing a course that would make his or her eligible to work as a teacher in a school or an institution. A candidate looking for a job as a teacher needs to have a strong student teacher resume which would help focus on the candidate’s knowledge, skills and academics and help him or her land a good teaching job.

When drafting a student teacher resume, it is very important that the candidate focus on the key skills and educational achievements and qualifications that would make him or her prime candidate for the job. A student applying for the job may not have any prior teaching experience, but if he is equipped with a well prepared student teacher resume it can definitely improve his chances of landing a job by leveraging his skills and downplaying the lack of experience.  Here we look at a few tips that can help you transform  simple profile in a resume that has the ability to catch the attention of hiring staff and school administrators and will also help you get one step closer to a teaching career.

Resume tips:

Objective: The objective statement should be the first section of the resume after the contact details, the objective must be short precise and should not be more than 2 sentences long. In this section one must add the candidate’s key skills, position that he or she is applying for and key contributions that one can make to the organization. A strong objective statement will help catch the eye of the reader and give the reader a brief glimpse into the candidate’s skills and expertise.

Skills: in the skills section of the resume the candidate should add the primary skills or the key skills that make him eligible for the job, one must match the candidates skills with the job description and try and ensure that they match. Focusing on skills that are not required for the job or missing to mention a important skills that is required for the job can be detrimental to ones job prospects.

Education: in the education section of the resume, one must focus on the candidate’s academic qualification, listing the candidate’s degrees, diploma or a post graduate degree in the relevant field. On can also highlight the candidates academic proficiency by highlighting the gpa scores, projects worked on or papers that have been presented. This enables employers to see the student as bright, sharp and one who is a quick learner.

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Further to these points one can add voluntary work done, internships, trainings attended that help enhance the candidates teaching skills.  Highlighting these points will help one create a profile that is in line with the job description and will also help the person create a resume that stands out from the competition and will improve the visibility of the candidates profile among employers when you send the job application.

Here we have a few sample resume that have been written by expert writers, refer to these sample student teacher resumes that have been given below and learn how to create an impressive profile that will help you get a dream job.

Browse through the sample resumes given here:

Sample Resume 1

Sample Resume 2

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Sample Resume 4

Sample Resume 5

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