A librarian is responsible for managing and handling the daily functioning of a library, Usually a librarian is assisted by one re more assistant librarians in ensuring the smooth running of the library.

A librarian is responsible for documenting and cataloging all the books in the library, categorizing the books, maintaining a regular inventory, keeping records of books being issued, books returned and books that are pending return. The librarian alos needs to maintain records of the members of the library and needs to inform them if they need to renew their membership.

In this section we have a sample resume for a librarian that has been professionally written and highlights the skills and qualities required to be included in a good librarian resume, these sample resumes can be used as a reference by you when drafting a librarian resume or you can download and customize these resumes to suit your profile.

These resumes have been designed to give your resume a professional look and give your career a head start over the competition.

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Some Common Formats for Librarian Resume are given below:

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