Child Actor

A child actor is a child who performs in movies, theatre and on television. There has been a steady demand for child actors over the years as more and more movies, TV shows and commercials are being produced with children in them, they are also in high demand for acting in commercials that target children and target products for children.  The responsibility of preparing a child actor resume falls on the kids’s parents, and this can be a daunting and challenging task as a child actor is both a professional and yet at the same time is a kid. In this section we look at some very important resume tips that can help you create a great resume for your child.

When drafting a resume for a child actor, one must focus on the child’s acting skills and past roles or experience that the kid has. A child would not have any formal training in acting and drama and would not have the academic qualifications of an adult actor, so it is important that ones resume focus on the child’s accomplishments in his or her acting career.

To draft a childs acting profile, one must star at the top by adding the name, contact number and address of the kid. The name should be highlighted and should be in a font that is bigger than the rest of the resume, this helps grab the attention of the reader and helps them associate the name with a  role played in the past.

Immediately after the contact information one must the resume objective, here the objective can be a simple sentence like “interested in the part of …”

Next one should add the affiliations and actor associations or unions that the child is a part of. This should be followed by the child’s agent or manager information.

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Next one must include the physical attributes of the actor, this includes the height, weight, color of the eyes, hair and complexion.

Below the attributes one must list down the acting experience breaking it down into four sub sections, Movies, Theatre, Television and commercials. Here one needs to add details like name of the project, role played, and production house.

After the experience section one can add the education/training section. Here you can add the school that the child is currently attending, any specific training that he or she has undergone etc.

These simple tips will help you create a great child actor resume for your kid. Here we have a few samples that you can refer to while drafting you kid’s profile. These sample resumes have been professionally written and focus on the key skills and acting talent of the child. You can give yore child’s acting career a head start over the competition and get your kids profile noticed by directors by using these samples.

Refer to the sample resumes given below:

Child Actor Resume Sample 1

Child Actor Resume Sample 2

Child Actor Resume Sample 3

Child Actor Resume Sample 4

Child Actor Resume Sample 5

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