An acting resume is something the each and every actor should have. A good resume should list an actor’s physical attributes, credits, contact information and his skills. The physical appearances in your acting resume may include hair color, height and eye color. Credits include the projects an actor has worked on and skills may include sports, hobbies and languages know by the candidate. A professional acting resume should have the ability to speak about you as an individual and the amount of hard work you have put into your acting career.

When drafting an acting resume, one must keep in mind that your resume is not only a synopsis of your career but it represents you as an actor, an entertainer, an employee and a colleague. Your profile should present to your future employer your overall experience and achievements in your acting career. When drafting your profile, you should clearly state all your roles you have played in TV serials, theaters, movies, stage, trainings and other activities. Always keep in mind that your resume is the perfect tool to get you and audition for the perfect role or the dream role and will help pave the way to stardom. When you are writing your acting profile, it is always a good idea to divide the document into different sections with each section focusing on each a specific part of your career.

Actor Resume tips

  • You should always start the resume by adding your personal details at the top of the document. Include your name, address, contact number and mailing address, ensure that this section is at the centre of the page. After this section, write down the names of your union affiliations you are associated with.
  • Next you can add the names of your manger or agent along with their logos and contact information, mailing address to give your acting profile more weight age.
  • Your next section on your acting resume will be your experiences as an actor. This section of should be divided into different columns, which include your experience in film, television and commercials. Start with the Film section in bold and underline the heading. List the names of the films you were acted in, the role you have played and the name of the director along with the production company. This information will help you to get more weightage to your profile as some of the directors have tremendous fame in the industry and lot of films gain popularity by their names. This will serve as a tool to get you a ticket to a role in an upcoming film by the names of the director.
  • The nest section should be the Television section, include roles played by you in the television serials. If you don’t have any television credits skip this column.
  • In the theatre section focus on the dramas or stage plays you have presented in your acting carrier. You can also add mimicry shows or mime shows in this section.
  • Your educational qualifications, certifications and trainings form a very important section of your acting resume and need special attention, as this is an important of your resume. Fill in details of all the acting and drama schools that you have attended with the degrees you have gained. You can divide this section into Training and include all the classes you have attended in dancing, singing, acting, voice -over, hobbies and other skills. You may also include the section as honors and award beneath the training section. In this section include all the awards you have received in each play or drama and the name of drama or movie you have acted. This will be an important section in your resume for acting, so highlight these points to be easily scanned by the auditioner.
  • Lastly list down special skills which includes the special stunts, tricks and accents you use and other unusual things which makes your resume more effective. List out the skills which you are confident as you might have to do these things at the time of audition.

Use these guidelines while writing an acting resume to achieve your dream job as an actor.

Here we have a few acting sample resumes that you can download and customize to suit your requirements. These sample resumes have been professionally drafted to give your acting career a boost.

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