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A College Theatre resume is required by amateur actors who want to take up acting or theatre a career option and who are interested in getting a role in a college theatre production. Many schools and colleges have a theatrical department that helps them nurture the talent and aspirations of the students who want to pursue a career in theatre. A college theatre resume helps these young and budding actors to nurture their talent and improve on it while getting the exposure that would be beneficial for them in their career. Drafting a resume for college theatre is as important and can be as challenging as drafting a professional theatre resume, here we look at some simple tips that will help you as a amateur actor to build a perfect resume that show cases your skills and talents as an actor. We have also provided you with a few sample resumes that you can use as a reference when drafting your resume.

Resume Writing Tips:

When drafting a resume for a college theatrical role one can follow these simple tips that will help you get a professional resume:

  • Header: This is a very important section as it would contain your name, address and contact information. Always ensure that your name is highlighted by using large font, if your resume is written in a font size 12, or 14 use a font size of 18 or 20 for your name. Your name should be the first thing a director sees on your resume.
  • Skills: under the skills section of your resume one must add skills like singing skills, voice over skills, dancing skills, horse riding, acrobatics, playing a musical instrument etc. You can also add the different languages that are known to you in this section of your resume.
  • Experience: While you are creating a resume for a college theatrical role, it is still important that you list down any prior roles that you have played in various college plays or school plays.
  • Training: If you have undergone any training pertaining to drama and theatre this need to be added here.
  • Activity: In this section of your resume one must add activities like being a member of the college drama club, singing club, choir, dance groups, etc. This helps showcase your versatility and adaptability to roles.

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Following these points will help you create a resume that is effective and will help impress a director, thus helping you get a shot at an audition.

Below you will find a few sample resumes that you can refer to while creating your profile. These samples have been drafted by expert and experienced writers and will help you create an impressive profile that will take you one step closer to your dream role in a college theatrical production.

Refer to the Templates given below

Sample College Theatre Resume 1

Sample College Theatre Resume 2

Sample College Theatre Resume 3

Sample College Theatre Resume 4

Sample College Theatre Resume 5

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