Musical Theatre

A musical or a musical play is a theatrical play or production that involves songs and dance sequences that are used to tell a story or used to convey a message during the play. A musical theatre specializes in putting up musical plays and requires actors and actresses to be very good at acting, singing and dancing as these skills play a very vital role in musical theatre. Getting a role as an actor is not easy, and getting a role in a musical theatre is equally hard. Candidates who wish to apply for a role need a great musical theatre resume that will help them showcase their skills and talent and also help them highlight their experience in theatre and impress the auditioners into giving you a shot at the role.

When drafting a musical theatre resume, one needs to keep a few tips in mind so that you can ensure that your resume shines out amongst other competitors and will help create an eye catching and impressive resume. The most important tip for candidates is to keep the resume short and to the point, a resume must not be more than 2 pages long for an experienced musical theatre actor and should be limited to one page for a fresher. Here we have a few useful resume tips you can use.

The most important point on your resume is you experience, list you theatrical credits at the top, above movie and television credits. This will help impress theatre directors and producers, while adding theatre credits ensure that your musical theatre credits are at the top. One must also ensure that roles done for big directors and top production houses must be highlighted and placed at the top.

Having your resume done in a chronological format is another great way of ensuring that you do not miss out the main points in your resume and will ensure that it is easier for directors to read.

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A very important section of your musical theatre resume is the trainings section; one must include musical training, dance training and training courses for acting that can help boost your chances of getting a role.

Following these tips will help you create a resume for a musical theatre professional that is impressive and effective, here we have a few sample resumes that you can choose from and refer to while creating your own resume. These sample resumes have been professionally drafted and focus on the actors key skills and qualities. Refer to these samples and give your musical theatre acting career a head start over the competition and get noticed by casting directors whenever you send you profile for an audition.

Browse through the sample resumes given below:

Musical Theatre Resume Sample 1

Musical Theatre Resume Sample 2

Musical Theatre Resume Sample 3

Musical Theatre Resume Sample 4

Musical Theatre Resume Sample 5

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