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If you are attempting to build a career in the world of theater, a strong educational and work background coupled with a well developed resume might be all you need to achieve the job of your dreams. For a theater resume, a functional resume format that lists your relevant skills and experience is ideal, as opposed to a traditional resume format that lists your information chronologically.

For theatre professionals who want to build a career in the theatre world, a technical theatre resume is just perfect for them to showcase their talent, skills and qualities as a theatre professional. A technical theatre resume will help the candidate by highlighting the candidates experience in acting, acting skills, education and training and help them impress directors and producers.

While drafting a theatre resume, one needs to keep a few points in mind to ensure that the resume is effective in highlighting your keys skills, talents and qualities. Here we have a few tips that will help you create a great theatre resume.

  • Tailor Made: When sending out a application for an audition, one needs to ensure that the resume is tailor made for each role. One needs to look at the specific requirements of each role and then have the resume customized so that it caters to each audition. This also helps elaborate your acting credits according to the required skills and expertise.
  • Objective: Your resume objective must be strong and precise and must state which role you are applying for.
  • Theatre Experience: This is a very important section and should highlight the candidates theatre experience in detail, here a candidate must include details of his or her work, including names of the play, part played and production or Theatre Company. This section is useful as it portrays the candidate’s versatility as a theatre actor and helps directors better understand your profile.
  • Academics: Candidates can use the academics section to highlight the candidate’s skills, technical knowledge, trainings, degrees and diplomas in drama, theatre and acting etc. This section helps directors to get a professional view of your profile.
  • Skills: This is a very important section of the resume and should highlight theatre and acting skills, skills that make you a suitable candidate for the role, languages known etc.

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Following these tips will help you draft a theatre resume that will help you get an audition for a dream role. Here we have provided you with a few sample technical theatre resumes that you can choose from. These sample resumes have been written by expert resume writers and will help you impress a director in the first go. You can use these samples as a guideline when drafting your profile and  boosts your career.

Browse through the resume samples given here:

Technical Theatre Resume Sample 1

Technical Theatre Resume Sample 2

Technical Theatre Resume Sample 3

Technical Theatre Resume Sample 4

Technical Theatre Resume Sample 5

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