A theatre resume is required by acting professionals who act in theatrical productions and plays. Theatre actor acts out his or her role in front of a live audience who comes to the theatre to watch the play. Like any other acting job, theatrical roles are hard to get due to the high competition that actors would face when applying for an audition. What a theatre actor needs is a very strong theatre resume that will help the actor or actress get his or her dream role. Here we have a few resume tips on how to write a great theatre resume along with a few sample theatre resume that you can refer to.

Resume tips:

When writing a resume for a theatre actor or actress one should follow these tips:

  • Resume heading:  The heading is one of the most important sections of a theatre actor resume, this is the first part of the resume that someone would see and should be catchy enough to have the person browse through your resume. The heading should have the actor or actress’s name, address and contact number.  When writing a header always ensures that your name is the biggest part of the section, it should stand out and be easily visible.
  • Acting Experience: this section is very important as it helps you focus on your previous performances and past experiences, when adding your experience, always mention the role, the year you played the role, the name of the show, who produced and directed the play and the season. The experience section of a theatre resume is the biggest section and must be mentioned in reverse chronological order.
  • Acting Skills: This is another very important section of your resume, skills play a very vital role in an actor’s career and highlighting your skills will help you create a favorable impression on a casting director and help you get a role. When creating a resume for a theatre role, always look at what is needed for the role and match your skills accordingly, the skills need to be relevant to the role. Do not add skills that you do not possess, this is a big no no on your acting resume and can be detrimental to your career.
  • Education: When drafting a theatre resume, the education section need not be highlighted, just adding a brief about your educational qualifications, degrees, diplomas , school attended, any specific acting training, theatrical training, workshops attended etc should be listed here.
  • References: The last section of your theatre resume is your reference section, it is advisable to have at least three professional references listed here. This should include people you have worked with directly, like a director of a play, co-actor etc, when listing your references always ask for permission to have them listed on your resume as reference to avoid a nasty situation.

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These points will help create a great resume for a theatre professional that will help you land a dream role in a theatrical production. Here we have a few sample resumes that you can refer to while creating your very own resume, these samples have been written keeping in mind the skills that a theatre actor needs, Use this theatre resume sample and give your career a boost.

Browse through the sample resumes given here:

Theatre resume sample 1

Theatre resume sample 2

Theatre resume sample 3

Theatre resume sample 4

Theatre resume sample 5

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