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A theatre actor is an acting professional who works in theatrical productions and plays. A theatre actor resume is different from the resume of a movie or television actor, as a theatre actor requires special skills that may not be needed in a movie or television actor. A well written theatre actor resume will not just help you showcase your skills and talent to producers or directors of a theatrical production, it will also help you create a very good impression on them thus helping you get a shot at the audition.

Acting in theatres is very difficult because the mode of acting here is very different from that of a movie or television series. In a theatrical production there is no scope for error and actors need to be well aware of the script as the play is acted out in front of live audience. When drafting your resume it is important that you ensure that a few pointers are kept in mind to ensure that your resume comes out as desired and leverages your theatrical skills and qualities.

When drafting your actor profile for a theatre one must start at the top center, here you need to add your name (Bold and in large font) along with contact information like your address and telephone number. You need to ensure that the information is accurate as directors would be contacting you using this information.

The next section is your physical attributes like your height, weight, color of your eyes, hair and complexion.

This is followed by the theatrical experience section, here you need to add your past works or roles including name of the role, year and production house.

After your experience you should mention your skills, here you can add skills like singing, dancing, horse riding, acrobatics, gymnastics, voice over etc.

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This can be followed by sections including information regarding affiliations to various actor associations and unions, your agent’s information and your reference section.

Below you will find a few sample resumes that have been created by an expert writer with vast experience in resume writing. These samples have been created keeping in mind the skills and qualities that a good theatre actor resume must have, you can refer to these samples and come up with a professional profile that is both eye catching and impressive and will help you get a step closer to your dream role that will change your career.

Browse through the samples given below

Theatre Actor Sample Resume 1

Theatre Actor Sample Resume 2

Theatre Actor Sample Resume 3

Theatre Actor Sample Resume 4

Theatre Actor Sample Resume 5

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