Entry Level Administrative Assistant

An Administrative assistant is a professional who is responsible for assisting an executive or a manager in an organization with carrying out daily functioning’s of the organization along with clerical tasks like preparing reports, documentation, correspondence etc.

An entry level administrative assistant is a person who has recently graduated from college and has had no prior experience in the particular field. While there are a large number of administrative assistant jobs available to aspiring candidates, however as this job is a very lucrative career option, the competition to get a job is very tough.

If you are a fresh graduate and are looking for a career as an administrative assistant, you need to equip yourself with the best possible entry level administrative assistant resume. A good resume will be able to highlight your skills and qualities that are required for the job, showcasing you potential and your qualifications. Having a perfect entry level administrative assistant sample resume to refer to while creating your professional profile will ensure that you get an advantage over the other job applicants and increase your chances of landing your dream job, thereby kick starting your career.

When drafting a resume, one should ensure that it must highlight the candidate’s educational qualifications, key skills that would make the candidate the right choice for the job. The profile should also include any additional training, certifications or diplomas that the candidate would have undertaken to become eligible for the job. The entry level administrative assistant resume sample that you choose, should focus more on the candidate’s adaptability, ability to learn and his qualifications, shifting focus from the candidate’s lack of work experience. In case the candidate has help any part time jobs or has worked as an intern, this experience can be added to the work experience section of your profile.

[pdfshow href=http://sampleresumedirectory.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/fresher-administrative-assistant-resume-sample-5.pdf]

Here we have an entry level administrative assistant resume format that will help you kick-start your career. The resume example given here,  highlights the candidates career information like the academic and educational qualifications with details about the institutions and degree held, professional experience along with detailed job responsibilities held in the past  and skills that are required for a good entry level administrative assistant profile.

This entry level administrative assistant resume template that we have, has been drafted by a professional writer and focuses on the skills required for the post of the post. This template is sure to give your profile a professional touch and give your career a boost. You can download this sample resume or use this example as a reference while drafting your own entry level administrative assistant resume.

Some Common Formats for Entry Level Administrative Assistant Sample Resume are given below:

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